Gourmet Crayfish Package

West Coast crayfish served in gourmet style at Draaihoek Restaurant

February 16, 2010

in Specials

Venture out to the unpretentious West Coast  to rejuvinate and  explore – whilst luxuriating in the comforts on offer at Draaihoek Lodge. Experience a true taste of the West Coast with a Free Gourmet Crayfish Dinner and sumptuous, leisurely Al Fresco Breakfasts, when you and a partner head to Draaihoek Lodge for a 2 night stay over at only R2600.00 for the both of you. Our offer runs from 1 April 2010 – 30 April 2010.

Should you be tempted, sent us a query online using our our contact page, or give us a call at +27 (0)22 952 11 70.

Draaihoek Lodge is ideally situated to explore the West Coast surrounds. A multitude of small country towns and fishing villages are within comfortable driving distance from the establishment, offering visitors the ideal opportunity to glimpse the comings and goings of coastal living at the West Coast and country life in the bordering Swartland, Sandveld and Cederberg regions.

The West Coast Rock Lobster to be prepared by Draaihoek Restaurant kitchen, is a gourmet delicacy, found exclusively on the rocky shores of the South African West Coast. This crustacean is zealously protected – in order to prevent overfishing, individual fishing quotas are allocated by the Republic of South Africa to individual fishermen, fishing companies and those out to catch crayfish for leisure. There is also a closed catching season from 1 June to 15 November, a size limit of 80 mm (carapace length) and a ban on catching ovigerous females (females which are brooding their eggs).

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