Get Hooked on the West Coast

March 3, 2010

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Saltwater angling on South Africa's West Coast

The West Coast’s picturesque coastline is undoubtedly one of the world’s finest fishing grounds, offering a multitude of West Coast fishing spots. Anglers have a choice of open beaches, rocky bays, gullies, river mouths, estuaries, piers and harbours as well as deep water points.

Saltwater Angling

Sea anglers will strike it lucky on the West Coast, whether fishing from shore or venturing out to sea. The cold Antarctic Benguela current that flows along the West Coast creates an abundant marine life that astounds even well-travelled anglers with its variety of angling species.

The coast also offers anglers great variety. A stretch of the West Coast known as the St Helena Bay area  presents a unique angling destination because of the different style of angling required compared to elsewhere along the coastline. The water here is generally flat, with minimal wave action, almost as if fishing in a large still water lake.  The coastline of Draaihoek nature reserve forms part of the St Helena Bay.

Big-game Off shore Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing Charter at South Africa's West Coast.

Deep Sea Fishing at the West Coast.

Big-game off shore fishing  is a comparatively new development off the West Coast. With big game fishing anglers use heavy-duty tackle to land large fish renowned for their sporting qualities (such as tuna, marlin, and swordfish).

The consistent catch of yellowtail, dorado, longfin-, yellowfin and big-eye tuna in large numbers in West Coast waters, has now secured the game fishing reputation of the area. Increasing numbers of sport fishermen are now trolling the open ocean in these waters.

Guided Fishing

West Coast fishing charters are available from various ports (Velddrif, Lamberts Bay, etc. ) along the coastline of the West. Most of the professional fishing charters supply bait and tackle. Depending on the fish species caught and the fishes’ size, the majority of catches can be taken with by customers.

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