Activities at Draaihoek and Surrounds

Game spotting in Draaihoek Lodge private nature reserve

Draaihoek offers visitors a unique beach and bush experience, situated in a private nature reserve between the Atlantic Ocean and the plains of the Sandveld – offering an invigorating blend of simple pleasures and extraordinary experiences to visitors.

The unspoiled private nature reserve is home to a variety of buck species.  With uninterrupted coastline, an abundance of sea animals are also on view – dolphins, whales and seals, together with various bird species.

The West Coast veld comes alive with Spring flowers in August – October, and are also rich in rare indigenous plant species typical of the area. For those wanting to venture outside Draaihoek’s gates, the surrounding West Coast, Cederberg and Swartland regions offer diverse experiences and colourful delights to explore.

Check out the following recent activities we selected for you!

Cape West Coast Wild Flower Season

There is a magical time along the pristine West Coast when every coastal town and inland village, mountains and fields are ablaze as an endless, kaleidoscope of wild flowers burst, almost simultaneously, into full bloom. The natural phenomenon of flower season along the Cape West Coast in the Western Cape draws thousands of visitors from […]

When the West Coast was Wild

It’s hard to imagine animals surviving here. The gravelly West Coast soil is populated sparsely with scrub and small bushes crouching low to keep out of the wind. This is not the stamping ground of the Big Five, but step back in time a little and the West Coast picture changes dramatically. Try 5 million […]

The Crayfish Hiking Trail

Two-minute noodles for supper, rocks poking into your hips, smelly socks and lugging a heavy backpack don’t exactly make your eyes sparkle with anticipation? Then rather skip lightly along a leisure hiking trail. No load on your back, a local guide by your side and overnight stops in comfortable beds preceded by fine dining. The […]

Calling 4x4 Enthusiasts to the West Coast

South Africa is a 4×4 enthusiast’s paradise. The mountainous regions and coastal areas of the Western Cape especially offer the most diverse and challenging 4×4 choices – from beginner trails to overnight expeditions for experts. Draaihoek Lodge is fortunate to have 2 highly regarded 4×4 trails in the immediate vicinity – Jakkalskloof, near Redelinghuys and […]

Autumn Thrills on the West Coast

Although the West Coast is famous for its sunshine, March signals the arrival of equally idyllic autumn weather. Summer’s intense heat subsides to balmy days, the wind gentles and Autumn casts her mantle over veld and vlei. It is the time of year when one looks away from the beaches (however wistfully) and focus on […]

West Coast Traditional Cooking

Traditional South African cuisine borrows from the kitchens of many different cultures. Immigrants from Europe, convicts from China, slaves from Mozambique and prisoners from Java brought with them their unique cookery skills. Curries and spices such as ginger, cinnamon and turmeric from the East, Malay magic with hints of spice and other seasonings – one […]

The West Coast's Historic Mission Village Route

Following the Mission Village Route north from Cape Town along the West Coast, visitors tour some of the less travelled back roads of South Africa to near forgotten historical mission settlements dotted across the country side. The Route takes travellers through a varied landscape with wild sandy beaches, mystical Cape mountain ranges, deserted plains, vineyards […]

Get Hooked on the West Coast

The West Coast’s picturesque coastline is undoubtedly one of the world’s finest fishing grounds, offering a multitude of West Coast fishing spots. Anglers have a choice of open beaches, rocky bays, gullies, river mouths, estuaries, piers and harbours as well as deep water points. Saltwater Angling Sea anglers will strike it lucky on the West Coast, […]

Only on the West Coast - Sand, Sea and Sky

For many the West Coast is an acquired taste. Kilometers of empty, often windswept beaches and hardy coastal scrub, low horizons and big skies, lonely dirt roads, and distant mountains make this a truly off-the-beaten track experience – no crowds, no rush and plenty to look at. Those not interested in putting on the glitz […]

Crayfish - Red Gold of West Coast

West Coast crayfish takes pride of place at the top of South Africa’s most desirable seafood list. A far cry from the previous century when fishermen regarded them as pests to be tossed overboard when caught in their nets, only useful to be sold in wagon loads to farmers as fertilizer. This internationally sought after […]

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